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Botox & Filler Parties
Add a little fun to your beauty routine

At Ilysium Haus, we offer botox and filler parties right in our spa! Add a little fun to your beauty routine with drinks, light bites and a one-of-a-kind experience with your invited guests. All parties will take place right in our office to prevent contamination and ensure your safety. We will even close the spa down for you and your party with an extra charge and non-refundable deposit.

Guests will have the pleasure to learn about botox and filler injections, receive tips and tricks on their skincare routine and get injections performed by an experienced injector.

The host[ess] will receive a free 10 units of botox for each 60 units purchased by guests at the party, which can be utilized either the day of or at a different appointment. The host[ess] will also receive $50 off per syringe purchased at the party.

The guests will receive botox at $10/unit and 10% off filler syringes. Any additional spa services will be 15% off and must be requested at least a week prior to the party to allow time for supplies and additional staffing, if needed.

New patients are required to undergo a good faith exam by a licensed practitioner, which must be completed prior to commencement of any medical spa treatment. Consent forms must be completed by all guests prior to receiving any treatment. Before and after photos will be taken of every guest who receives medical spa treatments.

All guests are required to receive at least one treatment from the day spa or med spa menu. Guests who opt out of botox, filler or any med spa menu treatment may also opt to receive treatments from the day spa menu. Guests who receive medical spa treatments may also combine and receive treatments from the day spa menu at a discounted rate. Guests and the hostess are able to purchase botox and filler at the party discounted rate for future use.

Relaxation is our specialty, so whether you want a single therapy service or a luxury package, you’ll receive our full attention. To immerse yourself in our world, reach out and schedule your party!

Botox & Filler Parties
Botox & Filler Party Themes
Can't think of a good theme? Here are some suggestions!

Host[ess] is able to provide their own decorations for botox/filler parties which must be decorated by and taken down by the host[ess] and/or their guests. For an extra charge and non-refundable deposit, host[ess] can request Ilysium Haus - Spa & Wellness to decorate common areas. Non-alcoholic drinks and light bites will be provided at no extra cost. The host[ess] is able to provide their own wider selection of food (alcoholic beverages are not permitted to be consumed prior to any medical treatment). For a wider selection of food and catering, a non-refundable deposit, Ilysium Haus - Spa and Wellness will provide catering.

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